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DeskBed Features

The Hide Away DeskBed is a well-designed innovative piece of furniture that allows you to have the convenience of a desk and a hidden bed, functioning, as a space saver for any room.
The Hide Away DeskBed locks in place in the upright desk position then when you are ready just unlock, lower the desk without removing anything on the desk. Your computer, printer, papers, coffee stay on the desk without moving or spilling a drop. When lowered, the hidden bed is revealed and can hold up to a maximum of 300 pounds.
The desk is reinforced by a steel angle iron for added support and the easy maneuvering is made possible with the easy glide silent pistons.
The Hide Away DeskBed comes in three sizes: Twin, Twin extra-long, and Full (see dimensions for actual measurements). Choose from four finishes: White, Asian Cypress, Biltmore Cherry and Midnight Espresso.
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